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Pilgrimage album review - Disc and Music Echo, 25 September 1971

Wishbone Ash’s “Pilgrimage” does much to substantiate the reputation they are building up. They are all good musicians and have a distinct style. Perhaps vocals are their weak point, but even these are more than adequate.

The first two tracks are both wordless, although there are vocals. “Vas Dis” is a jazzy 6/8 with scat singing and compact solos, ending with a short fade out drum solo. “Pilgrim” is in two sections, a peaceful sea-shore atmosphere section, then a livelier 7/4 riff with full vocal harmonies and, again, fine solos.

“Jail Bait”, a pounding R&B thing, has intense twin lead guitars swirling between the speakers. “Alone” is a short jazzy instrumental.

On Side 2 there’s a beautiful slightly Floyd-ish lullaby called “Lullaby”, then “Valediction” in a fake medieval mood, eventually turning into a reggae beat, and the final offering “Where Were You Tomorrow”, a driving rocker with frantic solos, recorded live.

It’s an album with a lot of ingenuity, good music and outstanding playing. Quality - high. Value - Good.

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