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WISHBONE ASH RELEASES featuring Mk.1 and Mk.2 line-ups

Studio Albums

Wishbone Ash


Track list:  1) Blind Eye 2) Lady Whiskey 3) Errors of My Way 4) Queen of Torture 5) Handy 6) Phoenix



1) Vas Dis 2) The Pilgrim 3) Jailbait 4) Alone 5) Lullaby 6) Valediction 7) Where Were You Tomorrow



1) Time Was 2) Sometime World 3) Blowin' Free 4) The King Will Come 5) Leaf and Stream 6) Warrior 7) Throw Down The Sword


1991 CD edition contains bonus track: No Easy Road (single version)


2002 Expanded CD edition contains Martin Turner remix of original Argus album plus bonus tracks: Jailbait; The Pilgrim; Phoenix (live in Memphis)


2007 deluxe edition contains bonus tracks:

No Easy Road (single version); The Pilgrim; Phoenix (live in Memphis); Time Was; Blowin' Free; Warrior; Throw Down the Sword; The King Will Come; Phoenix (live Paris Theatre 1972); Blowin' Free; Throw Down the Sword (BBC Sessions 1972)



Wishbone Four


1) So Many Things To Say  2) Ballad of the Beacon 3) No Easy Road 4) Everybody Needs a Friend 5) Doctor 6) Sorrel 7) Sing Out The Song 8) Rock 'n Roll Widow

Locked In


1) Rest In Peace 2) No Water In the Well 3) Moonshine 4) She Was My Best Friend 5) It Started In Heaven 6) Half Past Lovin' 7) Trust In You 8) Say Goodbye

New England


1) Mother Of Pearl 2) You Rescue Me 3) Runaway 4) Lorelei 5) Outward Bound 6) Prelude 7) When You Know Love 8) Lonely Island 9) Candlelight

Front Page News


1) Front Page News 2) Midnight Dancer 3) Goodbye Baby Hello Friend 4) Surface to Air 5) 714 6) Come In From The Rain 7) Right Or Wrong 8) Heart Beat 9) The Day I Found Your Love 10) Diamond Jack

No Smoke Without Fire


1) You See Red 2) Baby The Angels Are Here 3) Ships In The Sky 4) Stand And Deliver5) Anger In Harmony 6) Like A Child 7) The Way of the World Pt. 1 8) The Way of the World Pt. 2


CD Bonus Tracks: 9) Firesign10) Time & Space (remix) 11) Lorelei (live) 12) Come In From The Rain (live) 13) Bad Weather Blues (live)

Just Testing


1) Living Proof 2) Haunting Me 3) Insomnia 4) Helpless 5) Pay The Price 6) New Rising Star 7) Master Of Disguise 8) Lifeline


CD Bonus Tracks 9) Come On10) Fast Johnny 11) Blowin' Free (live) 12) Helpless (live)

Nouveau Calls


1) Tangible Evidence 2) Clousseau 3) Flags Of Convenience 4) From Solo to Sunset 5) Arabesque 6) In The Skin 7) Something's Happening In Room 602 8) Johnny Left Home Without It 9) The Spirit Flies Free 10) A Rose Is A Rose 11) Real Guitars Have Wings


CD Bonus Track 12) T-Bone Shuffle

Here To Hear


1) Cosmic Jazz 2) Keeper Of The Light 3) Mental Radio 4) Walk On Water 5) Witness To Wonder 6) Lost Cause In Paradise 7) Why Don't We 8) In The Case 9) Hole In My Heart Pt. 1 10) Hole In My Heart Pt.2


CD reissue bonus tracks: 11) Heaven Is 12) Bolan's Monument 13) Duffle Shuffle 14) Cosmic Jazz (Karaoke Version)

Strange Affair


1) Strange Affair 2) Wings Of Desire 3) Renegade 4) Dream Train 5) Some Conversation6) Say You Will 7) Rollin' 8) You 9) Hard Times 10) Standing In The Rain


CD Reissue Bonus Tracks: 11) Strange Affair 12) Rollin' 13) Dream Train (brass mixes)

Lost Pearls

2004 (recorded 1978-82)

1) Is Justice Done 2) The Bells Chime 3) Hard On You 4) Out on a Limb 5) Where You Been 6) Halfway House (Martin vocal) 7) Halfway House (Claire vocal) 8) Football & Boxing 9) John Sherry Jam 10) Too Much Monkey Business 11) Night Hawker 12) Sheriff Of Sherwood

First Light

2007 (recorded 1970)

Track list: 1) Lady Whiskey 2) Roads of day to day 3) Blind Eye 4) Joshua 5) Queen of Torture 6) Alone 7) Handy 8) Errors of my Way

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Selected Live Albums

Live From Memphis


Promo only album.

Recorded at: Memphis, WMKC studios, 21.8.72


1) The Pilgrim; 2) Jailbait; 3) Phoenix

Live Dates


Recorded at: * Fairfield Hall, Croydon, England (June 17th 1973) ++
Portsmouth Guildhall, England (June 21st 1973) ** Reading University, England (June 23rd 1973) + Newcastle City Hall, England (June 24th 1973)


1) The King Will Come*, 2) Warrior+, 3) Throw Down The Sword+, 4) Rock 'n' Roll Widow**, 5) Ballad Of The Beacon**, 6) Baby What You Want Me To Do++, 7) The Pilgrim*, 8) Blowin' Free+,9) Jail Bait**, 10) Lady Whiskey**, 11) Phoenix*

Live In Tokyo


Japanese only release.

Recorded at Tokyo Sun Plaza 10/15th November 1978


1) FUBB; 2) Way of the World; 3) You See Red; 4) Blowin Free; 5) Jailbait

Live Dates Vol 2


Recorded at: Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland (19th November 1976), City Hall, Sheffield, England (18th October 1977), Marquee Club, London, England (19th October 1977), Hammersmith Odeon, London, England (25th October 1978), Colston Hall, Bristol, England (27th October 1978), Colston Hall, Bristol, England (16th February 1980), City Hall, Hull, England (1st June 1980), Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England (4th June 1980)


1) Doctor, 2) Living Proof, 3) Runaway, 4) Helpless, 5) F.U.B.B., 6) The Way of The World; 7) Lorelei, 8)_Persephone, 9) You Rescue Me, 10) Time Was, 11) Goodbye Baby Hello Friend, 12) No Easy Road.


The first 25,000 copies of the vinyl album were a double with an "extra free" album included. Subsequent copies of the album came in a single sleeve with just the first six songs fetaured on the first disc. The second disc was also released in its own right in certain territories as "Live Dates 2: Additional Maturial"

Hot Ash


US compilation of live material taken from "Live Dates II" + various single b-sides, etc.


1) Blowin' Free; 2) Living Proof; 3) Goodbye Baby Hello Friend; 4) Bad Weather Blues; 5) Doctor; 6) Way of the World; 7) Helpless; 8) No Easy Road

Radio 1 Live in Concert

1991 (recorded 1972)

Recorded at: London, Paris Theatre May 25th 1972


1) Blowin' Free, 2) Time Was, 3) Jailbait, 4) The Pilgrim, 5) Warrior, 6) Throw Down The Sword, 7) The King Will Come, 8) Phoenix

Live at the BBC


Recorded at: various BBC studio sessions 1971/72 plus Old Grey Whistle Test 1977


1) Blind Eye, 2) Lullaby, 3) Pilgrim, 4) Jailbait, 5) Blowin' Free, 6) Throw Down The Sword, 7) Vas Dis, 8) Goodbye Baby Hello Friend, 9) Come In From The Rain

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Live at Glasgow Apollo '77




Recorded at Glasgow Apollo Oct 17th 1977


1) Blind Eye; 2) Lady Whiskey; 3) The King Will Come; 4} Warrior; 5)Throw Down The Sword; 6) Front Page News; 7) Sometime World; 8) Goodbye Baby Hello Friend; 9) Runaway; 10) Come In From The Rain; 11) Phoenix; 12) Jail Bait; 13) Blowin' Free; 14) No Easy Road


Portsmouth 1980




Recorded at Portsmouth Guildhall Feb 15th 1980

1) Doctor; 2) Blind Eye; 3) The Way of the World; 4) Living Proof; 5) The King Will Come; 6} Lifeline; 7) Insomnia; 8) Phoenix; 9) Blowin; Free; 10) Queen of Torture; 11) Helpless; 12) Jailbait; 12) Bad Weather Blues; 13) Too Much Monkey Business


Living Proof: Live Recordings 1976-80


10 vinyl LP boxed set


Contains the following recordings, as originally included in The Vintage Years boxed set.

Edinburgh Usher Hall 1976 from the New England tour


Marquee Club 1977 from the Front Page News tour

Bournemouth Winter Gardens 1978  from the No Smoke Without Fire tour


Guildford Civic Hall 1980  from the Just Testing tour


plus one previously unreleased concert:

Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza 1976 (from the New England tour)


Selected Compilation Albums

Classic Ash


1) Blind Eye, 2) Phoenix, 3) The Pilgrim, 4) Blowin' Free, 5) The King will Come, 6) Rock And Roll Widow, 7) Persephone, 8) Outward Bound, 9) Throw Down The Sword

Best of Wishbone Ash


1) Blind Eye, 2) Queen of Torture, 3) Jail Bait, 4) The King Will Come, 5) Blowin' Free, 6) Doctor, 7) Persephone, 8) Silver Shoes, 9) Goodbye Baby Hello Friend, 10) Living Proof 

Time Was: The Wishbone Ash Collection


1) Phoenix, 2) Blind Eye, 3) Errors of my Way, 4) Handy, 5) Vas Dis, 6) Lullaby, 7) Where Were You Tomorrow (previously unreleased studio version), 8) The Pilgrim (live in Memphis), 9) Blowin' Free, 10) Time Was, 11) Warrior, 12) Sometime world, 13) The King will Come, 14) So Many Things To Say, 15) Ballad Of The Beacon, 16) Sorrel, 17) Baby What You want Me To Do (live), 18) F.U.B.B., 19) Front Page News, 20) 714, 21) You See Red, 22) Pay The Price, 23) Underground




4CD boxed set featuring classic material plus live and studio rarities


CD 1 - Blind Eye, Lady Whiskey, Phoenix, Jail Bait, The Pilgrim, The King Will Come, Leaf & Stream, Warrior, Throw Down The Sword, No Easy Road, Ballad of the Beacon, Sorrel, Persephone

CD 2 - Lady Jay, F.U.B.B., Say Goodbye, (In all of my Dreams) You Rescue Me, Prelude, Candlelight, Front Page News, Goodbye Baby Hello Friend, Surface To Air, You See Red, Ships In The Sky, Living Proof, Lifeline, Underground, Genevieve, Clousseau

CD 3 - Witness to Wonder, Why Don't We, Strange Affair (brass mix), Dream Train (brass mix), Standing In The Rain (Martin Turner vocal mix), Alone (full vocal version), Time And Space (previously unreleased), Come On, Fast Johnny, She's Still Alive (previously unreleased), T-Bone Shuffle, Bolan's Monument, Duffle Shuffle (previously unreleased), Mountainside, Crack of Dawn

CD 4 - (all live *previously unreleased version) - Outward Bound* , Rest In Peace*, Lorelei, Come In From The Rain, Bad Weather Blues, Sometime World*, Errors of my Way*, Blowin' Free, Insomnia*, Helpless, The Way of The World*, Lookin' For A Reason* 

Blowin' Free: An introduction to Wishbone Ash


Ballad Of The Beacon; Errors Of My Way; Blowin’ Free; Insomnia; Lady Jay; Leaf and Stream; Lorelei; Rest in Peace; Sometime World; Time Was; Valediction

Sometime World: An MCA Travelogue


Blind Eye; Phoenix; Errors Of My Way; Vas Dis; The Pilgrim; Jailbait; Sometime World; Blowin' Free; Warrior; Throw Down the Sword; Everybody Needs a Friend; The King Will Come (live); Persephone; FUBB; Moonshine; Mother of Pearl; Lorelei; Front Page News; Goodbye Baby Hello Frined; Come In From The Rain; You See Red; The Way Of The World; Living Proof; Lifeline; That's That; Open Road

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The Vintage Years


32-CD boxed set


Contains all 16 original Wishbone Ash studio albums 1970-1991, each with bonus tracks, outtakes etc.

Also contains the original live albums - "Live Dates", Live Dates Vol II" and "Live in Tokyo".

Plus 8 previously unreleased live concert recordings:

Portsmouth Guildhall 1973 (2CD) from the Wishbone Four / Live Dates tour


Southampton University 1973 from the Wishbone Four / Live Dates tour


Edinburgh Usher Hall 1976 from the New England tour


Marquee Club 1977 from the Front Page News tour


Newcastle City Hall 1977 from the Front Page News tour


Bournemouth Winter Gardens 1978 (2CD) from the No Smoke Without Fire tour


Guildford Civic Hall 1980 (2CD) from the Just Testing tour


Chelmsford Odeon 1980 from the Blowin’ Free tour


Note: Numerous other live and compilation albums have been released featuring performances by the Mk.1 and Mk.2 line-ups of the band. Many of these contain superfluous material and are often unapproved by the musicians featured on the releases and, in some cases, the licensing is questionable. As such no attempt to list all available live or compilation releases has been made here and the listing above focusses on the key live and studio releases.

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